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Who we are

We are a team of consultants that produce development, change and growth solutions for corporations and individuals.

What we do

We produce lean and effective solutions for seemingly complicated problems. We answer the question “How do we do it?” for our clients.

How we do it

We continuously build our network and invest in technology to find better ways of doing business in automotive, agriculture and technology.

Automotive Electrification

We provide consultancy services on electrification for automotive and related industries. Our expertise cover a wide range of working with manufacturers, distributors and dealers.

Electrification is an area that requires specialized know-how and experience. That’s why we have a global counterpart, Emobility Experts, that has a credible record in automotive electrification. We produce and execute several projects in collaboration with this global team and share this expertise with our clients.

We also

Please refer to our Projects & References page for more information on this subject or contact us to find out more.

Sector Based Analysis and Reporting

Automotive and agriculture focused research, analysis and reporting based on your specific requirements.

We design and execute special purpose analysis and reporting for automotive and agriculture sectors.

Please contact us for more information

Corporate Consultancy

We provide consultancy on corporate change, growth and improvement initiatives. We analyze the existing situation, advise and provide operational support on the execution of your intended change management projects.

The required end results are our guidelines for the initial evaluation and planning of your change or structuring project. We then produce options to build necessary solutions and processes to meet your requirements, coupled with proper action plans.

We know the potential added value of good quality consultancy service. On the other hand, we are also aware of its limitations: No outside service or solution is 100% perfect for your company. We work very closely with you to build mutually accepted ways to improve your business.

Management Consultancy

Strategic management consultancy and execution support for your corporate requirements.

Research & Reporting

Sector based analysis and reporting services. Country & market research for foreign investors and/or foreign executives operating in Turkey. Company or project valuation.

Coaching & Mentoring

Personal or corporate executive coaching services.

Business Plan & Feasibility

Consultancy of building business plans and feasibility analysis for yor projects.

Restructuring & Organisational Change

Consultancy for re-organisation and restructuring projects.

Technical Translations

Professional translation services for Automotive and Agricultural technical literature.

Personal Consultancy

We live at interesting times: The concept of ‘personal development’ is more popular than ever, but personal satisfaction is at an all time low. Do we really know what we expect from life and more importantly from ourselves as individuals?

We believe ‘personal consultancy’ is the whole of many ways to support in one’s effort to answer these questions.

There are plenty of subdomains to personal consultancy. We cover only a few of those: We begin with the analysis of the birth map of an individual, combine it with one’s thoughts and feelings and arrive help him/her come to an analysis of the existing situation. Based on this analysis, and keeping the birth map in mind, we then support the individual imagine and plan his/her future.

In other words, we do Astro-Coaching.

You can contact us directly or search for Ozge Ozek’s name in Advayta Bomonti web site who is our business partner for our personal consultancy services.